Before I existed, I was already floating in the beautiful space between life and dreams.
I was surrounded by billions of pure thoughts... I was being built, I was creating myself. Growing, feeling, preparing for everything that was comming.
I knew that the world was getting prepared for me too, it was being remolded for me to become a part of it. The love that was shared between two other souls, the passion, the feelings, the acts. I felt it, it was almost my time to arrive.
And I did: When I first watched it, I was surprised. It was not like I thought it would be... it was all so different from the place I had been on. There was light, and smells, and I could feel. I watched faces, I had emotions and a voice.
As soon as I aproached life, the memories of my previous existance dissappeared... I was being born.

Fair skin, brown curly hair, delicate factions, big beautiful honey eyes, and a soul that was worth all the treasures of the universe. Intelligence, kindness, passion, talent, art. I had been made as every human being, but I was completely unique. I did not know where the part that makes us so different came from, but I knew that it was a magical place... because every individual was made perfectly imperfect, with flaws and qualities, and every single one was worth all the love that could exist. The physical body was something, and it was wonderful too, but what I really idolized was a beautiful mind, a beautiful soul.

Hey guys!! This may sound a little weird, but I did this article without any purpose. When I ended it, I knew that the exact meaning of all this nonsense that you read before, was that I truly think that every person in this whole universe, deserves the best. And I'm talking about the soul and mind of a person. I'm talking to all of those who think that their physical part is everything. OK, don't focus on that please. I hate superficial people. So, to sum up, I love all of you, and I want all of you to love yourselves,to know that you are loved for what is inside you and anyone who says the opposite: you can throw them appart, cause they don't understand anything... have pity for them, understood?
So, bye. I leave you my message and I hope with all my heart that you understand it.

P.D. ~ I hope is understood that your soul, your true self is the space between life and dreams. Everyone can give it the meaning that they want, but for me is that.

I love you all,