i am 100% sure summer 2k18 will be the best of my life and wont be wrecked by depression naps and waking up at 5pm. i have new good friends who are wild and adventurous and i am, to quote stevie nicks, on the edge of seventeen. i have freedom and money and events coming up. finally i am freed from school. i hope this inspires you all to make plans and become more adventurous and live your life to the fullest (if you can) - although, some of these are quite specific to me. carefree = happiness

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this is my prom look. i've already bought a dress very similar to the one in the picture and i have my makeup sorted. i want big loose waves, a white clutch, heels and peachy/bronze nails. also bronze-nude makeup. i'm really excited even though i'm slightly anxious.

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i'm quite literally going to ibiza. i can't wait to be back somewhere sunny and warm, on the beach drinking cocktails and lounging around the pool. i also cant wait to serve constant tropical holiday looks lol, might post them on 21 buttons!!

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i already have a basic piercing but this summer (and this year) i am planning on getting my bellybutton pierced, my helix and my upper lobe.

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get lit!!

drugs arent really my thing but a bit of alcohol never hurt anyone.plus im half legal now.

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good food!!

me and my friends go eating out to nice restaurant regularly, probably once or twice a month. this is because we all love food and dressing up and taking cute pictures together.

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get hyper!!

just spend as much time as possible with my babies, probs drunk tho tbh.

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some days you don't have to do anything, whack on a face mask and sleep and play some game console and walk your dog.