I've seen many of these articles and I think is a lovely idea, so I wanted to join. Hope you like it.

L for Lilac

flowers, hydrangea, and lilac image sky, lilac, and purple image waves, ocean, and sea image shell, sea, and beach image

U for Ultramarine

lightning, sky, and blue image blue, light, and dandelion image blue, grunge, and wallpaper image blue, lights, and glow image

P for Pink

pink, money, and coin image pink, balloons, and sky image Temporarily removed city, pink, and new york image
Mi favorite ♥

I for Indigo

abstract, blue, and drop image blue, bridge, and theme image moon, night, and sky image rose, flowers, and red image

T for Turquoise

art, funny, and awesome image blue, sea, and beach image turquoise image stars, blue, and glitter image
A for Aquamarine
aqua, clouds, and Ilustration image aqua and white image aesthetic and mint image flowers, aquamarine, and love image

I wanted to say that I really liked that all the colors were kind of similar, I loved the range they created.

Thank you for reading it, hope you have a nice day ♥

Here are my articles, I've made other tags and challenges, hope you give them a try.