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I never made an article about movies before, but I really liked the idea so I just decided to post it. This is a list of ten movies from different genres that have truly inspired me. I hope you'll like them too!

1 | collateral beauty

Retreating from life after a tragedy, a man questions the universe by writing to Love, Time and Death. Receiving unexpected answers, he begins to see how these things interlock and how even loss can reveal moments of meaning and beauty.

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drama and romance

This movie is heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. Will Smith, who's one of my favorite actors, played an amazing role that really made me think further on the topics mentionned in the movie.

2 | twelve years a slave

In the antebellum United States, Solomon Northup, a free black man from upstate New York, is abducted and sold into slavery.

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biography, drama and history

This movie was so much more than I expected. It doesn't only represent America's history, but also the problem of racism that still occurs today. It won 3 Oscars, and it was definitely more than just deserved.

3 | the pursuit of happiness

A struggling salesman takes custody of his son as he's poised to begin a life-changing professional career.

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biography and drama

This movie is full of inspirational messages. Plus, the fact that Will and Jaden Smith both play their role so honest, makes it all just so much better.

4 | before i fall

February 12 is just another day in Sam's charmed life, until it turns out to be her last. Stuck reliving her last day over and over, Sam untangles the mystery around her death and discovers everything she's losing.

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drama and mystery

I adored the concept of this movie so much. After I had seen it, I was constantly in my own thoughts, thinking of how important every moment actually is. Don't waste your time pretending to be someone you're not!

5 | the perks of being a wallflower

An introvert freshman is taken under the wings of two seniors who welcome him to the real world.

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drama and romance

This story gives an incredibly good image of how life is as an introverted teenager. The acting skills of Emma Watson and Logan Lerman are not to forget either.

6 | the intouchables

After he becomes a quadriplegic from a paragliding accident, an aristocrat hires a young man from the projects to be his caregiver.

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biography, comedy and drama

The original title of this movie is les intouchables which is a wonderful French movie. Of course, most of you will have to watch it in English, but if you can, I really recommend watching it in French.

7 | the da vinci code

A murder inside the Louvre, and clues in Da Vinci paintings, lead to the discovery of a religious mystery protected by a secret society for two thousand years, which could shake the foundations of Christianity.

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mystery and thriller

Tom Hanks is such a great actor. I really adore his role of Professor Robert Langdon. Plus, the huge history side of this story makes me way too excited.

8 | the theory of everything

A look at the relationship between the famous physicist Stephen Hawking and his wife.

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biography, drama and romance

Eddie Redmayne (also known from Fantastic Beats and Where To Find Them and The Danish Girl) and Felicity Jones (also known from Rogue One and Inferno) are truly outstanding actors.

9 | the blind side

The story of Michael Oher, a homeless and traumatized boy who became an All American football player and first round NFL draft pick with the help of a caring woman and her family.

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biography, drama and sport

The movie is so fantastic that anyone and everyone can relate and feel connected to the characters. If you haven't seen it yet, go watch it now.

10 | life is beautiful

When an open-minded Jewish librarian and his son become victims of the Holocaust, he uses a perfect mixture of will, humor, and imagination to protect his son from the dangers around their camp.

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comedy, drama and war

La vita è bella is a movie you just have to see. It's about love, optimism, courage and inner strength. You go through so many emotions that it's uplifting and depressing at the same time.

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