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Before start with today's article, I wanna thank you all so so much for all the support you have been giving me, especially lately. Two days ago, I woke up to a notification saying that I am a recognized writer and I just couldn't feel more grateful for you all ♡ I could write 10 articles a day, but that wouldn't make me a recognized writer, the fact that you read what I post, heart it, share it and react to it, is what made this possible, so I'm geniunly grateful for your support.

Now, onto what you clicked this article for!


March is always a crazy month for me, as it is the transition of holidays to classes here in Argentina. What's more, I got a job as a freelance graphic designer, so this month I need to be the most organized that I have ever been in order to balance university and work (and squeeze somewhat of a social life lol). That's why I thought, why not share what I do with you? That way we can help each other out!

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People say that you should divide your planning in three steps: month, week and day. And I agree with that! So I will talk about how I plan in all three stages and some extra things I like to add to my planning!

My planner

I know that a lot of people like using digital calendars but that's something that really does not work for me. So you do you, there's no right way to do this, just find what works best for you!

With that being said, I use a planner. I kinda mix the bullet journal system with a normal planner and it has been working wonders as I get the freedom of the bullet journal, but I don't have to create spreads from zero.

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I have my months set up this way:

  • A cover page, consisting on a digital collage I made for each month, to work as a divider.
  • A monthly view, that helps me seeing my whole month together. I don't go on details for any task, I just place them there so that I'm aware of them and plan the rest of my month according to them.
For example, I would write there deadlines, when classes start, meetings, trips, etc.
  • Habit tracker, this relates to one of the first articles I made, talking about how I struggle to make time to take care of myself once university starts. So in my habit tracker I have how often I work out, eat healthy, read a book, hang out with my friends, etc
  • Sleep tracker, related to the last point, I usually sleep 3-4 hours because of university and it is something that I really wanna improve on. So I decided to track at what time I go to bed and at what time I wake up and draw a little star everytime I sleep at least 6 hours!
  • "This month", in this section, I write a to-do list for things that I have to get done during the month but not on a specific day. That way, I don't forget about them!
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I love weekly spreads, it gives me an overview of my whole week and that helps me to plan. I really don't like daily planners, where you have a complete page for a day as I prefer seeing the week as a whole.

  • As soon as I am given homework, a project due's date or anything, I write it in my planner, so you would be able to see that eventhough it is March, I have tasks writen in weeks of May for example
  • I use post it notes to make lists of supplies I need to buy for a certain project and stick it to the current week, that way I don't need to use space on my planner for all the multiple things I need to buy, I can just write "Buy supplies for project"
  • I make sure to have a little month calendar in each weekly so that I can hightlight the current week
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I usually plan my day the night before, so what I do is, mark everything that I got done, re schedule the tasks that I didn't get around to complete or cancel them if they are no longer important.

So my dailies consist on:

  • Events / Due dates, that are actually already there when the day comes as I write them as soon as I know about them
  • Daily tasks, consisting of things I need to get done that day, people I need to call, etc
If I see that I will have some free time, I check the "This month" to-do list and see if I can add something of that to my day!
  • Daily journaling, I try to write a few lines about the day that just went by
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This is what I meant by having a planner mixed with the bullet journal system! I added some collections to my planner, because it is a way of having "all my lists" in the same place. The collections I have right now are:

  • Brain dump
  • Quotes
  • Albums to listen to
  • TV Series / Kdramas to watch
  • Shows to watch
  • Coreographies I want to learn
  • New words in Korean, as I'm trying to learn korean, everytime I come across a word I don't know, I look up the meaning and write it down there
I'm thinking of transfering all this to a separate "Lenguage Journal", if you are interested in an article about how to make one, give this article a clapping emoji to let me know and I can totally do it!
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  • I keep a page marker in the monthly overwiew and another one in the week we are curently on, and it saves tons of time.
  • I color code everything
- I color code my classes, it doesn't matter if I'm writing homework on my weekly spread or a deadline in a monthly, I use always the same color pen for that specific class.
- I also color code my WHI article schedule. I like to write in my journal what I'm posting when, so that I can make sure to write it on time, do my research if needed to, etc etc. I just simply write the name of the article and hightlight it with a pink color.
- I am a fangirl, so I have some reminders related to that. A comeback, a tv show I wanna make sure to watch, etc. Those are highlighted in yellow.
  • I keep post it flags in my planner to mark weeks with exams, deadlines, inscriptions, etc. That way, even if I'm only looking at that specific week, I know tha if a blue post it flag is near, it means I have an exam soon (yes, I also color code the post it flags lol).
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Well, that's it for today guys! I hope this was helpful for you! But before I leave, I wanted to let you know that I actualy made some free printables for you!

I made a monthly overview and a weekly (not dated so you can just print it 5 times to get one for each week of March!). There are two versions, one black and white, super simple, and the other one has some color and some watercolor plants! They are all A5 size (210x148 mm), but you can totally change that in your computer before printing it. And then you also have two versions of the weekly spreads, one includes a water intake tracker and the other one that doesn't, so you can choose between those two!

With this link right here you can simply download the pdf file to your computer and then print it!


I would really appreciate if you send me an email (enjoyalittleContact@gmail.com) or simply mensage me here, telling me if you download the printables, if you would like to change something, etc. That way, if you guys find it helpful, I can make some new ones for every month!

Now, I promise I am done talking for today haha. As always, feel free to message me if you want to leave a suggestion for my future articles or simply if you just wanna talk to someone ♡

Thank you for taking your time to read this, love you

( bel )
( bel )

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