Hello people, my name is Nicole and I kind of want to write something about me...so you get to know more about me.


accessories, champion, and style image
That is basically my "STYLE" because I don't have one but I do love my champion shirt.


Superthumb Superthumb animal animal
Yellow and Blue are my favorite colors also the sunflower is my favorite flower and the beach is kind of my safe place I guess.


Daria boy meets world Superthumb fat
So yeah I have low esteem of myself but whatever. Also life's tough just deal with it like everyone else, like cry, scream, do whatever you want it's your life. Also I'm catholic hello. And I do believe in true love, love at first sight and that there is a person out there for everyone. And I have a thin morphologie, everyone is always supporting fat girl but what about us we also have problems like boys always saying that we're flat, that hurts you know. But just like I said I deal with it.


animal Superthumb
Yeah basically I just like dogs, I'm not a big cat fan but I can stand them.


burger Superthumb Superthumb chocolate Superthumb apple
This is basically my favorite food.


coffee music Superthumb
I love Tv Shows, singing and taking pictures

Tv Shows

Superthumb dustin Alyssa lexa teen wolf Superthumb
my fav tv shows


gryffindor it Superthumb disney
my fav movies

And voila!