I've read an incredible amount of Articles on depression, anxiety and other mental health issues here on We Heart It. And I am wondering if all these people who write those are really in such a bad mental health state. Because mental health is a very important issue which should be taken seriously.

The reason why I am writing this is because I had two friends on high school.

The first one, let's call her Marilyn, often spoke about how depressed she was, but from what I saw, she was usually just having a bad day and she had actually no clue about what depression was because she never really experienced it. I really don't want to offend someone here but I think that sometimes people are just talking about depression because they want to catch someone's attention but their state is really not that bad.

The second friend of mine, let's call her Valerie, had experienced a real depression. She had ended three times in mental hospital, always after an unsuccessful suicide attempt. She also had been using antidepressants for long time. Not everyone who is really depressed must end up in mental hospital or even using antidepressants, but real mental disorder should never be underestimated and people who are suffering from some of them should seriously look for help by a professional.

So my question for all heartists here writing about depression or anxiety or any other mental disorder is as follows: Are you Marilyn or Valerie?

If you're like Marilyn, my advice to you is just not to be that negative and to try to see the good things in your life.

If your answer is: Oh no, I'm definitely like that Valerie, and if you sometimes feel like there's nobody in your life with whom you could talk about all this pain or fear you are experiencing every day and you feel like you can not handle this anymore, find yourself some help. There are professionals who can use therapeutic methods or even some medicaments to help you out of this. You don't have to stay alone with your problems and the help might be simpler than you've thought, so do something good for yourself, find a professional and start to deal with your life problems.