le serie tv per me? sono come l'aria che respiro. ed è una cosa continua che io mi innamori di determinati personaggi e quindi ecco qui my favourite tv show characters.

How I Met Your Mother

Barney Stinson image
Barney Stinson


benedict cumberbatch and sherlock image
Sherlock Holmes, il sociopatico che tutte le donne sognano

The Vampire Diaries

actress, b&w, and beautiful image
Bonnie Bennet

Orange is the new black

quotes, orange is the new black, and life image
Poussey Washington

Freaks and Geaks

freaks and geeks image
Bill Haverchuck

Sex and the City

samantha jones and sex and the city image
Samantha Jones

New Girl

funny, screencap, and new girl image
Nick Miller


skins, grunge, and sid image
Sid Jenkins (first)
skins, Freddie, and luke pasqualino image
Freddie Mclair (second)
alo, will merick, and skins image
Alo Creevey (third)