Hi everyone! Today I'm going to write about disney (one of my favorite things in this world). I'm going to put some of the movies I've seen here and wait for a second part because this is not even half of all the Disney movies I've seen.

You can tell me more movies that you have seen of disney or want to see by a message, I will love reading them! 🧡

disney, old, and quotes image disney image
"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."
- Walt Disney

↠ the little mermaid

ariel, disney, and princess image disney, ariel, and the little mermaid image love, disney, and ariel image disney, ariel, and quotes image

↠ snow white

disney, fairy tales, and gif image disney, snow white, and kiss image disney and snow white image snow white, disney, and princess image

↠ aladdin

aladdin, couple, and disney image aladdin, genie, and gif image aladdin image aladdin and gif image

↠ 101 dalmatians

disney, 101 dalmatians, and dogs image disney, dog, and gif image disney, quotes, and 101 dalmatians image disney, 101 dalmatians, and puppy image

↠ ratatouille

pixar and ratatouille image ratatouille, disney, and pixar image gif, pixar, and ratatouille image ratatouille and disney image

↠ enchanted

Before I meet Patrick Dempsey (the reason why this is actually my favourite movie of disney) this movie was my favourite, it's so good

disney, enchanted, and gif image reality, quotes, and enchanted image enchanted, disney, and movie image disney image

↠ cinderella

cinderella, love, and disney image cinderella, disney, and princess image cinderella, disney, and fairy tale image cinderella and disney image

↠ beauty and the beast

Image by eladvi beauty and the beast, disney, and belle image beauty and the beast image disney and beauty and the beast image

↠ up

up, dog, and disney image animals, food, and beautiful image up, balloons, and house image up, disney, and movie image

↠ sleeping beauty

disney, sleeping beauty, and princess image disney, sleeping beauty, and aurora image disney, sleeping beauty, and aurora image disney, love, and princess image

↠ bolt

bolt and disney image bolt, cute, and disney image Image by Berlinergirl29 bolt, dog, and cute image

↠ pinocchio

aesthetic, vintage, and cartoon image gif and pinocchio image disney, pinocchio, and movie image disney and pinocchio image

↠ monsters inc

what an incredible movie

gif and monsters inc image boo, monsters inc, and disney image monster, disney, and monsters inc image love, monsters inc, and disney image

↠ monsters university

monster, disney, and mike image Image removed monster, gif, and party image monsters university, disney, and monster image

↠ lady and the tramp

disney, lady and the tramp, and dog image Image removed 1955, dog, and cute image disney and lady and the tramp image

↠ bambi

bambi, disney, and flowers image disney, kiss, and bunny image disney film bambi image Image by 🦟𖤐₊🦷‧₊˚🗡⋆.࿐

maybe you want to read:

↠ toy story (1, 2 and 3)

toy story, woody, and disney image toy story, disney, and woody image disney, toy story, and bath image buzz image

↠ tangled

I remember when I went to see it at the cinema, I was completely delighted and at the same time in shock because the end.

Image by tangled_oh_yes gif and tangled image Image by tangled_oh_yes Image by tangled_oh_yes

↠ alice in wonderland

alice, disney, and alice in wonderland image alice in wonderland, alice, and disney image alice in wonderland, cat, and Cheshire cat image disney, alice, and alice in wonderland image

↠ hercules

art, disney, and photography image disney, hercules, and megara image hercules, disney, and megara image hercules and disney image

↠ princess and the frog

disney, princess, and frog image princess and the frog image princess and the frog and tiana image disney, tiana, and gif image
"The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work"

↠ dumbo

disney, dumbo, and elephant image Image by ilaydyaren disney and dumbo image disney, dumbo, and sky image

↠ the incredibles

The Incredibles image Image removed The Incredibles image The Incredibles image

↠ the jungle book

disney, el libro de la selva, and baloo image disney, the jungle book, and mowgli image disney, movie, and the jungle book image disney, gif, and baloo image

↠ peter pan

Image by tumblr_girl disney image disney, peter pan, and gif image peter pan, disney, and wendy image

↠ wreck-it ralph

Image removed cute and vanellope von schweetz image Image removed Image removed

↠ finding nemo

nemo, disney, and finding nemo image nemo, dory, and disney image turtle, nemo, and finding nemo image nemo, disney, and finding nemo image

↠ tarzan

i cried a lot with this

tarzan image amor, movie, and disney image tarzan, disney, and baby image tarzan image


disney, eve, and robot image wall-e and eve image wall-e, disney, and robot image disney, pixar, and wall-e image

↠ the aristocats

cat, disney, and smile image disney, piano, and cat image disney, cat, and aristocats image cat, disney, and aristocats image

Thanks for reading! I hope you like it,


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