hii xx

today I decided to write down all concerts that I want to attend :)

Hope you'll like it

Harry Styles

Harry Styles style Superthumb Harry Styles
He is my fav person ever and on top of my list! I'm so sad that I can't go this year on his tour but thatt boy never heard of my country ugh! Next year ;)

One Direction

louis concert louis concert
Best concerts, best crowd! Can't wait for them to come back.

Niall Horan

black niall horan niall horan niall horan
Little Irish cutie!

Ed Sheeran

concert Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb
Ahhh one & only!

Shawn Mendes

fan shawn shawn shawn mendes
Really really wanna see him too!

Dua Lipa

Superthumb dua lipa concert lgbt

She is queen!