Day 2: describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they become fears.

It's hard to say what is my fear, because I really fast forget what I was afraid of, but I'm sure of this two:

1. Being lonely.

I don't know, when it become, probably I have this from childhood. In my last article I said that I'm ony child and often feel oney of that. Also when I was younger I didn't have much friends, because I was so shy and boring. I had only one friend, who left me alone and found new friend. Of course I had other mates, but I had noone who I could trust at all. I'm afraid of loneliness, because being lonely is really hard for me, makes me feeling depressed. I am crying a lot and easily getting angry. This fear appears in everyday things like roller skating. I can't learn it, because people who teach me that were at first holding my hands, but when they let me go, my fear is winning and I'm falling. I know it sounds stupid, but living with this sometimes is hard.

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2. Acrophobia - fear of heights

It's stupid one because I have this this ony on some height or when I'm stepping up a ladder or something. When I'm climbing trees or when I was on London Eye I didn't have this, but when I am going on attic my legs are jolting and I'm feeling like I'll in one second fall from stairs. I don't know how to win with it. I have this from childhood, when I wanted to get something which was on fridge and I fell of a chair. I remember this very good although I was ony four years old.

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I don't know the third one. Other my fears aren't too disturbing so I don't think you need to read them.

Have a nice day,