aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic
I like comfy clothes, vans, converse, hoodies/sweaters and shirts with prints.


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Yellow is my favorite color.


blue beauty ariana grande Superthumb
I have freckles, short blonde hair, dimples and blue eyes.


animal animal
dog, animal, and flowers image
Elephants, turtles and dogs are my favorite animals.


girl airplane camera beach
art, drawing, and aesthetic image
I really like writing, reading, travelling, photography and drawing.


Superthumb Superthumb black and white rip
I'm actually really sensetive, nervous, stressed and shy. But when you know me better you notice I'm very faithful and funny ( I think).


la la land black panther Joey lydia Superthumb book
I'm obsessed with them!


travel, girl, and nature image
camera Superthumb
When I'm older I want to travel as much as I can, do more photography and keep in touch with my family and friends.

See you next time!