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Okay, I'm the last person in the universe that should write an article about procrastination but hear me out, I might have sime good ideas (and some ridiculous storys about how much I have procrastinated over the years).

Use your phone less

I know, obvious. But think about it... when was the last time you said you'd do the laundry "after this makeup tutorial" and ended up whatching a video about the fate of Dyirbal (an interesting, australian language, look it up) and how languages evolve (true story). What about this time you said you'd write your essay after your favorite youtuber's new video and ended up watching every single video they've uploaded since 2012 (also true story)? And that time you were scrolling through Instagram's explore for two hours straight? Yeah, your phone helps you procrastinate.
So what should you do? For starters, after you come home from school/uni/work and have stuff to do DON'T GRAB YOUR PHONE. Eat and then do whatever it is that you have to do. If you have a long study session in front of you, take a 10 minute break every hour. That's when you'll scroll through instagram and watch that video. Bonus: If you are brave enough try living for a week without your phone (basically without social media, you need your phone to communicate). I did this last October and boy, was I shocked by the huge amount of free time I had despite schoolwork! You might even find a new hobby or actually talk to your family.

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No more "just one more episode"

Nope. You know it's bad for you, you know it's the reason your karma has been bad all week, you know it's basicaly a bad relationship with your Netflix account. Even your Netflix account knows it, why do you think it gets worried when you watch like 10 episodes in a row? When it's past your bedtime it's past your bedtime and you have to turn your computer off if you don't want to be late again. When you have a project due tommorow you don't binge-watch that new show, you work on it!
Exceptions when you can watch one more episode: Favorite character death, most hated character death, your otp happened, super ambiguous finale with a cliffhanger.

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It's not going to get done itself

You know that this project has to be done somehow, you know that you'll take this biology test either way, you know that food isn't going to cook itself. So instead of literally doing nothing for as long as you know about it and ending up pulling all nighters and ordering takeout JUST DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO! Yeah, this project is boring and your biology teacher is the most boring person in the world and your sofa is too nice to get up and go make dinner but really it's easier to accept it early on instead of stressing out the last moment.

Do not do other things instead

Like, girl, are you trying to convince me that making a list of every book you've owned since fifth grade is more important than studying for your finals next week? You, me, the books you've owned since fifth grade and the rest of humanity know you're just procrastinating so get down to work!

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Feel more productive

Wear nice clothes, do your hair up, grab a cup of coffee, maybe put some music to play if it doesn't distract you. You'll feel more energetic and productive and somehow your will to actually pass this course you've failed twice will return.

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Believe in yourself

If others can do it, why can't you? You are amazing and you can do whatever you want, from acing your math test to finally finishing this pile of paperwork in your desk. And remember that if you procrastinate it doesn't mean you're not smart enough or anything like that. Everyone does it, even a little bit. The only thing you need to do is to know your limits and when you've taken it too far.

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Thanks for reading this article by a true procrastination queen, I hope it helps you!

-Natasha :)
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