Hey there lovely,
Today i am here to tell you about how i find my inspiration in people.

You are my inspiration. I love to find inspiration in people. I look around me and there are so many human beings, ready to give a whole new vision on life.

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So for now. I want you to list the people that are the closest to you and think about what aspect of their life inspires you. Wether it is their way of being positive all the time, or their bomb ass fashion style, or even something as little as the way they make the best coffee.

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After you listed the people that are the closest to you, i want you to look at yourself. Not in any judgemental way, but just as an human being. And ask yourself what you think is inspiring about you. Maybe it is how you treat people, or the way you can get so caught up in something you love you lose completely track of time. And don't be shy. You are this wonderful human being and there is no reason you shouldn't be completely in love with yourself.

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And the last part is to just go out and pay attention. Wether you're wandering in a big park or you're sitting in a train, look around you and try to see the inspiring part that is in all of us. And, this may be a little scary, you can actually tell them, they won't bite. I mean you would feel amazing after someone would tell you that they just love your smile, outfit or your haircut, right? And this will also boost your confidence and mood.

So this includes how i get inspired, not by pictures or video's, but by you.

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