Speaking this into existence.

You are not always the loss. some days, step off your pedestal that your ego has created and realise there are situations where YOU are the problem. So often we get caught up in our own selfish ways, desperate to feed this eager pride we have. But ya'll- that's so fucking destructive towards your relationships and friendships.

We hurt others, say things we don't mean, fail to support and nurture our loved ones when they most need us, but for what? to later complain that we are in this world alone?

Don't be this person. Don't let this side of you take over. And I could sit here and tell you ''It was their loss, not mine'' but, that's a lie. Sometimes it is your loss. There's a huge possibility you lost someone honest, pure, loving and passionate while trying to act as if you're too damn good for this world.

This is the part of self love and changing for the better nobody talks about. But hey, start calling yourself out on your shit. Don't get lazy and allow yourself to make being toxic and careless a habit.

Ask yourself: What's more important? This person, or my fat ass ego?

stay pretty, not pressed, and trust me, being toxic is not pretty.