I love clouds.
Yes,it sounds weird,but clouds make me happy.How?

Grey clouds,are my happiness in this world.So big and grey.For me,they make the world much better,more beautiful.They make the sky more interesting and not boring like blue sky without clouds.
Sun and empty sky without clouds,makes my day much more darker and depressing.So weird.The opposite from all the people in the world.
How it happened that I like grey clouds?

England.London is the answer,my dream city. The weather there is just... magical,so gorgeous and lovely.I been in London a few years ago,and I fell in love with the city.The weather there,is so astonishing.
Grey clouds make me happy and joyful.But not only grey clouds.Any clouds in the sky make me happy,even white clouds.No matter what is the shade of the clouds,I love clouds,love so much.They make my day brighter and much calming.I think they the reason of my existence in this world.Without,them,I think I'll be sad for the rest of my life.

I love clouds