Hey guys! I think it's interesting so I decided to do the #thisismechallenge
First of all, I want to say sorry if my English isn't the best but I'm trying to do my best.
Let's start it! :)


style, black, and outfit image abs, bootylicious, and boobs image nike, shoes, and grey image Image removed
I like to wear crop tops in summer time, in spring I combine crop tops with leather jacket and leggings or jeans.


bts, suga, and quotes image broken, crying, and heart image feelings, important, and quote image quotes and love image


inspiration, life, and norway image white, aesthetic, and headphones image archetype, writing, and writer image abs, fitness, and plank image
I like learning languages, listening to music, writing and doing workout at home. My personal favorite is doing plank.

Food and drink

delicious, pizza, and yummy image donuts, food, and sweet image chocolate, food, and drink image


group photo, siwoo, and who am i image bts, jimin, and jungkook image girl, maggie lindemann, and tumblr image


adventure, mountains, and shetland sheepdog image Image by عائشه animal, carefree, and dogs image Polar Bear, animal, and bear image

Series & Movies

Image by danaiko ♡ amazing, korea, and train image the expendables 3 image aesthetic, alternative, and bad boy image

Goals & Moments

couple, love, and hug image aesthetic, building, and view image blue, world, and girl image friends, girl, and summer image happiness, mood, and positive image

Thank you very much for reading this article, I hope you like it. Stay motivated and let the things happen :)