Want to play a game? I’ll post four pictures and you have to guess the linking word. Answers will be at the end of this article.

No. 1

alternative, girl, and ocean image art, artist, and drawing image beautiful, Marilyn Monroe, and black and white image sky, friends, and grunge image

No. 2

red and train image Image by Cris Figueiredo dress, wedding, and couple image fashion and fitness image

No. 3

couple, date, and fancy image date and fruit image calendar, month, and photo image girl, fashion, and outfit image


friendship, girls, and friends image girl, fashion, and blonde image book, potter, and books image law firm in washington image

1. Wave (sea waves and people waving).
2. Train (People training at the gym, a dress train and trains).
3. Date (Fruit, people going on a date and a calendar).
4. Fair (Like a fun fair, a bus fare, fair/light hair and being fair).