hey guys. lately i've been feeling weird, sad, like im loosing something. i miss last year, things used to be so much easier, i was so much happier...

but anyways, i made this playlist that doesn't exactly have sad lyrics but it has all that sad/nostalgic vibes that im feeling, enjoy

(spotify link at the end)

aesthetic, blue, and header image

lonely cat (demo)- the kooks

book, sea, and beach image aesthetic, mirror, and body image
"Patch my life up with cellotape. It doesn't feel so safe"

bloom later- jessie rutherford

rose, flowers, and aesthetic image book, pink, and story image
"Some things never change even when they hurt"

only ones who know- arctic monkeys

green, neon, and plants image sea, blue, and ocean image
"And I bet she told a million people that she'd stay in touch Well, all the little promises - they don't mean much"

call it fate, call it karma- the strokes

70s, tumblr, and 80s image book, aesthetic, and flowers image
"Can I waste all your time here on the sidewalk? Can I stand in your light just for a while?"

seaside- the kooks

aesthetic, water, and ocean image girl, sea, and beach image
"But I find it hard to love you girl, When you're far away"

from the dining table- harry styles

flowers image silk, aesthetic, and sheets image
"Even my phone misses your call, by the way"

pools- perlo

white, aesthetic, and pale image rose, aesthetic, and flowers image
"But you took a train to the dark side to see what there was"

skinny love- bon iver

greenhouse, glass, and green image black, boy, and hair image
"Come on skinny love, what happened here? suckle on the hope in light brassieres"

sadderdaze- the neighbourhood

Image removed grunge, window, and blue image
"Finally he found a way to reach the sky, but he didn't know what he'd find"

no surprises- radiohead

girl, shadow, and photography image architecture and art image
"With no alarms and no surprises"

hostage- billie eilish

sunset, orange, and sky image girl, shadow, and aesthetic image
"I wanna be alone, alone with you - does that make sense?"

video games- lana del rey

lips, bee, and red image flowers image
"They say that the world was built for two, only worth living if somebody is loving you"

asleep- the smiths

flowers, ice, and purple image sky, purple, and clouds image
"Don't try to wake me in the morning, 'cause I will be gone"

riot van- arctic monkeys

grunge, tumblr, and friends image car, night, and road image
"We didn't do that much wrong, still ran away though for the laugh"

spotify playlist

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bye xx