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As we all know red is the new trend this year, which I adore because it's makes your overall look so feminine. Here are some ways you can add this colour of love and passion to your outfit/look.


This past year white booties or knee/thigh highs were so in. This year we replace white with red. It gives a very trendy look and it adds a vibrant colour to your outfit.

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When people wear a one-colour outfit, they are usually afraid to add one piece with a different colour. Mostly, a bag. But it makes a simple look very trendy & fashionable. Of course, don't just leave it with the bag. Add more pieces of red so it balances the overall look. Maybe a hat or boots. Even a red lip!

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I just got myself a pair of red-vintage cat eye sunglasses. I love them so so much! They are so 70s & so Gigi Hadid.

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Faux fur, trench coat, pea coat...anything works. Brighten up those streets!

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My preference is a beret or fedora. I'm so obsessed with them. It gives you a french-parissian look!

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For a glamorous look.

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Perfect with black, grey and vintage denim. I also love it with plaid pants/skirts.

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This colour literally works with every style and season. You can wear it with whatever and whenever.

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