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  • Here's my top 5 Sabs songs.
  • Sabrina Ann Lynn Carpenter is a singer, actress, composer and dancer born in 1999, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
  • Run and Hide
album, artist, and celebrity image bambi, indie, and pastel image
"I wanna, I wanna be loved."
  • Why
sabrina carpenter image wallpaper, song, and tumblr image wallpaper, song, and tumblr image blonde, why, and disney image
"You can call it fire an ice
'Cause we work so well and we on't even know why."
  • Shadows
actress, celebrity, and shadows image girl, sky, and sunset image
"I don't mind your shadows
'Cause they look a lot like mine."
  • Smoke and Fire
sabrina carpenter image smoke and fire and sabrina carpenter image sabrina carpenter image easel, evolution, and Lyrics image
"Rumors spread like wilde fire"
  • Space
hair, sabrina carpenter, and sabrina image breathe, sabrina carpenter, and change image
"I'm hiding from my shadows, running inside my dreams."