Dear you,
today I want to open up to you writing 5 Things that very few people know about me...

Let's do it!

1. I live with anxiety

aesthetic Superthumb
I love changes but I also fear them, unusual things confuse my standard rhythm making me feel anxious

2. I've never had a boyfriend

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Yes, weird maybe, I feel like I need one so bad...

3. I've never tried cigarettes

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I hate smoke, it ruins you and it steals you money and health!

4. I'm susceptible

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Though no one thinks it, I am, sometimes it's better to cover up my real thoughts and feelings just to survive, but the truth is that I care about everyone...

5. I forgive everyone

Superthumb forgive
I can't stay angry with someone for more than a day no matter what that person did to me, I think that being able to forgive is a really good quality, be proud of it!

Here it is, I hope you enjoyed knowing me better ;)


in case you were interested ;)