I was looking for a new writing challenge for so long and now I found one! The challenge is by 'Audrey' and since she is doing the challenge herself, she is posting the new task every day. I'm joining her on the second day, so feel free to do the challenge as well if you enjoy writing as much as I do!
Have fun reading!

Day 1

List 10 things that really make you happy

1. Having a productive day

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I really enjoy waking up early and getting stuff done. Studying, learning new things or in general just being productive. It makes me happy to look back on the day and be proud of what you achieved

2. Workout

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There is no better feeling than having a dirty workout after a long day or right in the morning. It's really great

3. Singing in the bathroom or long floors

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I think everybody has sung in the shower once or in a big hallway. The acoustics are so great in there, everybody will sound like Beyonce. It's a thing you really have to do when you're upset or mad.

4. Reading

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Reading is educating. Reading is taming the mind. It's so great when I talk to friends about a book we all read to see how different our imaginations of characters or scenes are.

5. Music

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Sometimes when you sit in the car there are these songs these play on the radio. That are these kinds of songs you would have never mentioned to play when someone had asked you. And then you drive with this wonderful playlist of perfect songs and feel infinite.

6. Cornflakes

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When I was young my mother decided that cornflakes are too unhealthy for a person to eat so she didn't allow me to eat them anymore. Because of that, It makes me really happy to eat cornflakes nowadays.

7. Disney (-songs)

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You are never too old for Disney. My sister and I used to practice Disney songs to sing them in the car or when we have to go for a walk with our family. You will definitely be happy when you hear songs like 'Hakuna Matata' or 'I wanna be like other girls'.

8. Autumn

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Autumn is just great. It's not too hot nor too cold. You have warm evenings and sunny days but won't die because of the heat. And everything looks so beautiful! Plus there is Halloween.

9. Cuddling

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That feeling when someone holds you really tight and you can feel the warm body of the other person.. beautiful

10. Writing

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Basically, the reason why I attempted to this challenge. And since English isn't my first language it's a kind of studying for me too.

Thank you a lot for reading! If you want to do the challenge as well, make sure to add the hashtag #azurewriting under the text, so the original author can read the articles.
Be nice to each other and spread love! Bye!