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Marie Curie
Marie Curie's life was a pure fight. She had to overcome infinite obstacles to dedicate to science, because in her country, Poland, women could not go to university. She went hungry and cold and risked her health as long as she did not give up her investigative passion. And being able to get rich with his discoveries, she refused to patent the process of isolation of the radio leaving it available to the scientific community. However, it can be said that she fulfilled her dream: she was the first woman to become a professor at the University of Paris and the first to win the Nobel Prize, shared with her husband Pierre Curie, for her research on radioactive elements.

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Edith Piaf
She was one of the most famous singers of the time, inspired various composers and promoted young artists who later on enjoyed success. She also stood out as a film and theatre actress participating in numerous films and plays throughout her artistic career.
She was discovered on the street by a cabaret manager who invites her to present herself with the stage name of the Sparrow girl ("la Môme Piaf") because she was small (1.47 m) like a sparrow. Her presentations were a success, and her extraordinary talent and voice were highlighted.
After the death of Louis Leplée, who discovered her, she had to return to the streets where she left, as well as to work in cabarets. In 1973 returns and jumps to the fame by a well-known song written by herself. The Piaf stands as a protector of Jewish artists, persecuted by the German military.
During the war, she sang for the military distracting them so that the prisoners could escape.
In 1956, the Piaf becomes a great star of the music hall in the whole world and especially in the United States.

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Emma Watson
Each generation of women has their female figures inspired, and undoubtedly one of the icons of the millennial generation is the actress Emma Watson.
Class 1990, Emma has been interested in acting since she was only six years old and attended the prestigious Dragon School in Oxford, and at age 10, was chosen as the female face of one of the most famous and beloved film franchises of the century. XXI: Harry Potter.
She was named a goodwill ambassador a few months ago at the UN Women, she surprised with her speech about feminism at the United Nations headquarters, on the occasion of the launching of her new campaign "He for she".
In addition to the feminine problem, Watson is also very careful with the environment, so she wanted to exploit her name and reputation to create a fairly solid clothing line made with People-Tree and then launch a solid collection of them.

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