Good day everyone!
Today I'm going to do the "Cities in my Name Challenge" that I found somewhere on WHI. Since I forgot where, credits to the person who established it. Also I'm not going to use my username for this challenge because that would be wayyyy too long and I want to keep it simple.
Enjoy! <3


amsterdam, places, and travel image amsterdam, buildings, and river image flowers, museum, and art image Image removed
Have not yet been there but it is on my list - mostly because of Van Gogh


brussels, liege, and city image stairway, city trip, and luik image belgium, europe, and hometown image belgium, city, and orange image
Been there a few years ago. Beautiful city with the best book stores!


city, discover, and destination image city, landscape, and indianapolis image adorable, indiana, and usa image buildings, city, and cityscape image

New York

aesthetic, architecture, and blue sky image empire state, nyc, and new york image art, city, and b&w image girl, city, and fashion image


Arcitecture and athen image Image by MELINDA WORREN acropolis, Athens, and atenas image Athens, Greece, and greek image