Hi guys, as you know i am Italian, in fact i come from central Sardinia. A month ago there was the carnival, first of all in Sardinia the carnival is not a party like all the others, in fact it is an event deeply heard from all over Sardinia, with festivities characterized by masks, grotesque disguises, dances and songs.
The countries of the island of turn and the black and white become the colors of the feast, almost to remember the ancient origins of the mysterious rites.
This carnival you should live in first person, because those who participate in the Sardinian carnival is involved in the celebrations. All of them are so involved in a show that constantly confuses actor and spectator. Today i show you three carnivals from three different countries. Ottana with the "Boes and Merdules ", Mamoiada with the "Mamuthones and Issohadores " and Oristano with "sa Sartiglia ".

  • Ottana
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"Boes e Merdules and sa Filonzana"
  • Mamoiada
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"Mamuthones and Issohadores"
  • Oristano
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"Sartiglia and Pariglie"

Then there are the sweets that for carnival are never missing.

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"Meraviglias and sas Frigjolas"

This is one of many reasons for here I like this land and rich in traditions.

I hope it inspired you.

This is all for the article!
Thank you so much for the readings! give it a heart :)

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