Is being kind to others is an important thing to you? For me, the answer is yes. The most important thing that a human being should have is the act of kindness. Being kind probably won't get you anything in life and I can say that only a few people will realize you are kind but that is what makes it important to me. You don't need money or time to be kind. Yes, there will be sometimes that you can actually get hurt for your kindness but it shouldn't stop you or me from doing it. The reason I put flowers to the cover image is that I think plants are the most kind creatures on earth. If there were no plants we couldn't eat healthy and breath... Even though they have a huge impact in our lives, they don't want money or anything all they do is being good to us but we still harm them and they still keep being good to us.
Being kind to others will never harm others it can only harm me or you, I think. I wish so many people could care about kindness much as much as they care about money or attention or anything they desire for in life. If the humankind was always kind if there were not even one rude person, can you think how life would be right now? Could it break the order? maybe. Could it make people live longer and make people happy? probably. But we will never know since there are more important things than being a kind person, right?