Hey guys ! It's Marie, I hope you're doing great ! So today I decided to do the "Harry Potter tag" because I'm a huge fan of this saga ( books or movies ). Do it too and tell me so that I can go see them !

⇢ Hogwarts House

art book dress aesthetic

⇢ Ilvermorny House

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⇢ Patronus

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⇢ Wand

harry potter harry potter
Cedar wood : strength of character and unusual loyalty ; Dragon heartstring core : wands with the most power, and which are capable of the most flamboyant spells ; 12 ½" in length ; Unbending flexibility.

⇢ Spells

book book harry potter harry potter

⇢ Places

gothic hogwarts book harry potter

⇢ Favourite Shop In Diagon Alley

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Ollivanders ; Flourish and Blotts ; Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes ; Quality Quidditch Supplies

⇢ Pet

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⇢ Favorite Subject

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⇢ Favorite Professor

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⇢ Quidditch position

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⇢ Wand, Stone or Cloak

harry potter, end, and deathly hallows image

⇢ Male and Female Characters you Hate

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bellatrix lestrange harry potter

⇢ Favorite Male and Female Characters

aesthetic draco malfoy
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That's it guys ! Hope you liked ! See you soon ♥