Where am I from?

Superthumb Superthumb mountains adventure

How do I look?

blonde beauty
I have dark blonde hair and blue eyes

My style

black black adidas aesthetic
I basically only wear hoodies or adidas. And the bigger the sweater is, the better

Things I like to do

article Superthumb Superthumb airplane
Watch movies and series, snowboarding, read and travel

My favourite colours

black aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic
Black, burgundy, navy blue and dark green

My favourite singers and bands

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb it
R.E.M., Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheeran and calpurnia

Quotes that describes me

10 things i hate about you quotes

Thing I would like to achieve in 2018

fun bitch Superthumb aesthetic
Stop being so shy, wave goodbye to all the fake friends, get better at snowboarding and get better grades

- Thea