I still remember the first day i saw you. You were tall and good-looking, okay so let me just be honest with you since the starting of schooling i didn't even know until that day where you suddenly just caught my eye. Over the years in school we has our share of ups & downs as first. But time to time i couldn't stop myself from looking at you, ou were so adorable oh god how i wish you were mine. When it came to eleven grade we suddenly became cause and as days pasted by i could't help but fall in love with you i always thought to myself how did i not realise he was such a funny person? I've been in in the same class as him for the pass 2 years and through that two years i did actually have feelings for him, but it was more of a on and off thing. But there was two problems, firstly he was my best friend & secondly he liked someone so i knew i didn't have any chance in getting him because that boy was head over heals with the girl since the start of school . But ya long story short he eventually found out and from then on it was really many ups & downs.

I'm going to stop here for now hehe