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Today I want to talk about relationship between boys and girls: do you think it could be really possible? ♂♀

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I think it’s not so easy to give a proper and direct answer like YES or NO, but from my personal experience I have found myself an explanation.

Anyway send me a postcard and let me know your personal opinion

I start from the beginning, as I do remember to have a male best friend.. his name was Steven and we were really close friends. I can’t remember how we got so close but one day I realized he had fallen in love with me. He never said like “I love you” but it was quite clear. It was my fault actually: it was my attitude towards him. I didn’t do it on purpose, but as he said, it was my way of smiling at him, how I used to touch him on his arms. And one night we found our fingers interlock. I found his hands in my hair. It was too late: I didn’t realize at that time, maybe just now for the first time how did I feel so comfortable.

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Then, one night, it was my 15 birthday and I saw him walking into the club: he stood there with a hot white shirt, no glasses and a perfect hairstyle. In that moment I understood that I wanted something more too. And then after one vodka shot, and tequila, and champagne and then I forget to count.

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We sat down and from that moment I remember vividly everything: you were looking at me, into the eyes and the music was so loud. You smiled at me and then nothing, just the whole universe concentrated in that moment, between you and me. And I thought how we first met, laughs, film together and with that kiss I understood: relationship between girl and boy is almost impossible if there is a great attractions between them. I still remember that kiss today: it was passion but also funny and weird. A sparkle from the head strictly down to my feet. I was in love. And our relationship was finished
I do believe in relationship between girl and boy If there are the social conditions that can permit it: if two have grown up together, like me and my long life best friend, if your mothers are best friends and it would be just too weird, or if both are engaged..

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Come on, I am kidding you: when there is love involved no social condition, no rules, nothing is explainable. It’s just love. And I’m the kind of girl who go for it: I do not care if I ruined our relationship, because it was not, it was all fake. We love each other and I’m grateful to him for have been my real first kiss.
So what I want to say is if two people are meant to be together, no matter what they will end up together, but if there’s a relationship between it’s up to you to decide if it’s real and it could be ruin or if it is just a way to hide your own real feelings. And don’t worry: a relationship like that it’s not so important.

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You deserve to shine

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