In spite of what we can see in the medias, strating a healthy life is very simple, you just have to be motivated and to keep motivation, trust me.
In this article I'm going to give you all my tips to strat a healthy life. Let's gooo


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The first thing that you have to do is... drinking water all day. I know this tip can be strange but it's very important, if you practice any sport or not you have do drink drink drink drink !!!! Personally, I drink more than 2 litre per day. This is so good for your body and your acne. You'll fell better if you drink more.

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Let's talk about food: we don't eat less, we just eat better. This sentence is important, because for instance, even if you eat a small part of pizza, it's worse than if you eat 5 apples. But eating better isn't difficult, you've to add vegetables in your meals, fruits, spices... of course, you can find a lot of ideas on Whi or Pinterest.


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You just have to move you're body, you can practice boxe, basketball, football, voleyball, swimming, running you can of course go to the gym. Do what you want to do.

Good night

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Please, sleep well, that's soooo important for a healthy life


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The last tip is the most important... the MOTIVATION. I'll be clear: The perfect body doesn't exist. If you go on social medias you're just going to be demotivated because of the "perfect girls". Are they perfect ? NO they're not they just know how to take a nice picture and how to value their body.

You can do it, you can be a healthy guy, you can run 5 km if you want, you just have to keep knowing that YOU CAN and anybody have to tell you what to do. You're free.

I hope you enjoyed this article. See you on the next.