Hey there! Today i wanted to share with you an idea about a WHI challenge i came up with. It would be a Letter from my future self challenge and the point is to imagine that a future you is writing to you saying what she's achieved, how far she's come and how she's finally overcome her fears. Since your dreams become plans once you write them down, it'll be much easier for you to gravitate towards them if you have them clearly stated somewhere. And it'll be fun!

You can write and post pictures of all the beautiful things you always wanted to have or achieve or places you want to visit. Post pictures of your ideal home, write about how your body finally looks the way you wanted or how you did your hair. You can say how you live in Paris now and have your little art studio, or maybe you wanted to be a fashion designer living her dream in Milan? Or maybe just own a bookstore downtown? Maybe you'll be living with the love of your life and have a puppy? Write all about it!

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The clothes you wear, the places you visited, where do you hang out with your future friends, what do you do together, your surroundings, your ideal job, where do you spend your time. Anything at all! Be creative, be free, don't be afraid to say what you truly want and just be honest so that your article can perfectly portray a beautiful future life that awaits for you. Tell your friends if you like the idea, tag your article with #LetterFromMyFutureSelf and have fun!

- Love, Angie♡