I've seen many "My name in colors" articles going around on WHI, and I thought it would be fun to make one too.
I'll make this with different categories:
My name in (my favorite)...
♡ colors
♡ animals
♡ fruits
♡ plants / flowers
♡ food / drinks
My name is Rosanne, so here we go!

♡ C O L O R S
R - Robin Egg Blue
O - Olive Green
S - Silver
A - Amethyst
N - Navy Blue
N - Navajo White
E - Emerald Green

aesthetic, eggs, and beauty image
adidas aesthetic accessories blue 11:11 clover

♡ A N I M A L S
R - Rabbit
O - Ocelot
S - Squirrel
A - Akita
N - Nightingale
N - Norwegian Forest Cat
E - Emperor Tamarin

animal, cute, and rabbit image
animal animal adorable bird animal animal

♡ F R U I T S
R - Raspberry
O - Orange
S - Strawberry
A - Avocado
N - Nectarine
N - Naartjie
E - Elderberry

fruit, food, and raspberry image
food breakfast avocado food food dessert

♡ P L A N T S / F L O W E R S
R - Rose
O - Osteospermum
S - Sunflower
A - Anemone
N - Narcissus
N - Nippon Daisy
E - English Bluebells

flowers, rose, and pink image
Superthumb flowers anemone Superthumb black and white Superthumb

♡ F O O D / D R I N K S
R - Ritter Sport
O - Orange Juice
S - Smoothie
A - Asian Sushi
N - Nutella
N - Noodles
E - Ehmm... Ice Cream ( I'm not cheating :)

chocolate, food, and yummy image
cool berries fish chocolate delicious ice cream

If you'd like to do this too, here are the categories I used one more time:
♡ colors
♡ animals
♡ fruits
♡ plants / flowers
♡ food / drinks

Thanks for reading!