I've seen many "My name in colors" articles going around on WHI, and I thought it would be fun to make one too.
I'll make this with different categories:
My name in (my favorite)...
♡ colors
♡ animals
♡ fruits
♡ plants / flowers
♡ food / drinks
My name is Rosanne, so here we go!

♡ C O L O R S
R - Robin Egg Blue
O - Olive Green
S - Silver
A - Amethyst
N - Navy Blue
N - Navajo White
E - Emerald Green

aesthetic, beauty, and nest image
adidas, green, and clothes image cd, water, and grunge image purple, necklace, and crystal image fashion, outfit, and blue image aesthetic, beige, and brown image green, clover, and nature image

♡ A N I M A L S
R - Rabbit
O - Ocelot
S - Squirrel
A - Akita
N - Nightingale
N - Norwegian Forest Cat
E - Emperor Tamarin

animal, cute, and rabbit image
animal, nature, and ocelot image animal, squirrel, and cute image dog, cute, and puppy image bird, black, and black and white image cat, snow, and winter image emperor tamarin image

♡ F R U I T S
R - Raspberry
O - Orange
S - Strawberry
A - Avocado
N - Nectarine
N - Naartjie
E - Elderberry

fruit, food, and raspberry image
orange, fruit, and food image food, strawberry, and chocolate image avocados image peach, fruit, and food image fruit, orange, and food image ‎macarons, dessert, and food image

♡ P L A N T S / F L O W E R S
R - Rose
O - Osteospermum
S - Sunflower
A - Anemone
N - Narcissus
N - Nippon Daisy
E - English Bluebells

flowers, rose, and pink image
Image by ʀ ᴏ s ɪ ᴇ 🌸 flowers, sunflower, and nature image flowers, anemone, and pink image beautiful, flower, and inspire image flowers, marlboro, and cigarette image Image by ʀ ᴏ s ɪ ᴇ 🌸

♡ F O O D / D R I N K S
R - Ritter Sport
O - Orange Juice
S - Smoothie
A - Asian Sushi
N - Nutella
N - Noodles
E - Ehmm... Ice Cream ( I'm not cheating :)

chocolate, food, and sweet image
mustache, juice, and drink image food, fruit, and healthy image sushi, food, and japan image nutella, food, and chocolate image food, noodles, and delicious image ice cream, yourself, and summer image

If you'd like to do this too, here are the categories I used one more time:
♡ colors
♡ animals
♡ fruits
♡ plants / flowers
♡ food / drinks

Thanks for reading!