Hey fellow Hearters,

I just love Star Wars so much. These trilogies are great childhood memories for me. We always watch it together as a family. I found this tag on the internet and decided to do it. Feel free to do it yourself. :)

1. What is your favourite Star Wars movie?

It's a hard choice, I love all of the movies, especially the original trilogy. But if I had to choose then A New Hope.

a new hope, han solo, and luke skywalker image

2. What is the coolest planet in Star Wars?

Naboo. It's so beautiful.

aesthetic, planet, and star wars image

3. Would you be a Jedi or a Sith?


Anakin Skywalker, revenge of the sith, and star wars image

4. Who is your favourite character in Star Wars?

I love almost every character so it's really hard to choose. My favourite ones are Han Solo, Luke, Kylo Ren, BB-8, R2-D2, Chewie.

ana, c3po, and han solo image

5. What is your favourite musical theme in Star Wars?

Binary Sunset and Victory Celebration.

a new hope, star wars, and luke skywalker image

6. What is the coolest battle in Star Wars?

There is a battle in Episode II, when Padme, Anakin and Obi-Wan are executed and they fight against some strange creatures, and then the clones and Jedi arrive and have a huge fight. That's my favourite.

Anakin Skywalker, light saber, and episode 2 image

7. What is your favourite ship?

Millenium Falcon. And my second favourite is the X-wing.

star wars image

8. What is your favourite line of dialogue?

"May the force be with you!"

star wars, c3po, and the force image

9. What do you think of the prequel trilogy?

I love it. I love the actors and characters. They are amazing. The planets are also really well-chosen.

Anakin Skywalker, jar jar binks, and obi wan kenobi image

10. Lightsaber of blaster?


rey, star wars, and kylo ren image

11. Do you own any Star Wars video games?

I don't, but my brother does. He has Battlefront and Lego Star Wars.

star wars and stormtrooper image

12. Favourtie Star Wars Scene?

I love the scenes between Leia and Han, and the scenes between Ben and Rey.

han solo, harrison ford, and star wars image
gif, star wars, and kylo ren image

And this scene:

han solo, luke skywalker, and star wars image

Okay, and this :D

gif image

13. Which outfit do you wish you had in your closet?

If I were a boy, I would choose Han's outfit. Since I'm not, I will go with Padme's clothes. :D

star wars, Anakin Skywalker, and hayden christensen image

14. Which character would you want to marry?

Anakin Skywalker

adorable, christensen, and darth vader image

or Ben Solo

kylo ren, star wars, and adam driver image

or Han Solo

carrie fisher, gif, and han solo image

or Obi-Wan Kenobi

gif, obi wan kenobi, and star wars image

I love all of them.

15. Which character would you want as a sidekick?


gif, star wars, and bb-8 image

16. Favourite villain?

Darth Vader.

a new hope, episode iv, and darth vader image

17. What would your lightsaber colour be?

Blue or green.

fight, galaxy, and gif image

18. Padme or Leia?


Mature image

19. What are your thought about the sequel trilogy?

I loooove it. And yes I ship Reylo. :D And Team Porg.

gif, star wars, and adam driver image
star wars, the last jedi, and porg image

20. What do you think of the original trilogy?

It will always be the best trilogy. It's just amazing.

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(source: https://scarielsgrotto.com/2016/05/04/may-the-fourth-the-star-wars-tag/)

Have a nice day!:)