When two brothers who hate each other fall in love with the same girl.

United States, Michigan

Between all the stories of bars which turn in the city, one of them tell the history of a young woman of Pattie Mallette's name got pregnant certain Derek Mccann.A few months before the birth of the baby, the father of the latter was condemned to the electric chair having been charged for murder. After that, the young person Pattie gave birth to a certain Jason. Jason Mccan. Alone and far too young to assume a child, the high school student put down her child in an orphanage of the city and disappeared.

The story goes that a few years later, Pattie gave birth to a second baby, of Justin's name. Justin Bieber. Son of Jeremy Bieber the companion of the time of Pattie, a young Texan breeder of cow. At the dawn of 6 years of Justin, the father of the latter was struck by a heart attack and blew his last one sigh in the arms of his wife.

Jason, spent his childhood in the dark streets of Michigan, between violence, drugs and debaucheries. He had to learn to survive only. Without friends and without family, obliging him to become a soul roaming and solitary which kills to live. He became over the years the plague of Michigan and dangerous one members of a gang which rages in all the region.

Later of numerous condemnation Jason is free conditional and finds himself in the street he decides to leave to his uncle some times for distant from the gang and to overcome his devils.

Justin, beautiful, polite, intelligent, pride of her mother decides to leave Texas to make definitively the mourning of his father disappeared for years. He(it) life since a few years at his uncle house and study at the university. He has a dream life, a perfect girlfriend, studies which please him, of good friends, etc....

They have the same mother. With different fathers. They hate each other. But they are united by the blood. The fate decided to gather them. And they are going to fall in love with the same girl. A certain Anya Dylans. will choose the fairy tale, with soft and romantic Justin or the destructive passion, with the beautiful and dangerous, Jason.

Between secrets, families, jealousy, love, choice...

Here is their story.

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