It's necessary to know the porosity of your hair as it'll enable you to know the correct products your hair needs to consume in order to have healthy and growing hair.

Your hair porosity determines the level at which your hair is able to soak up moisture and hold moisture.

You can determine your hair porosity in a numerous of ways although I'll only be listing three methods.

#1 | The Hair Strand Test:

Grab a strand of hair from four different sections of your head: front hairline, nape, crown and temple. The reason for this is simply because your hair may contain different porosities in different sections, especially if you're transitioning. Slide your finger up the hair shaft towards the scalp. If you were able to move your fingers up with ease, although the hair felt dense and rigid, you have low porosity hair. If it felt smooth and there were no bumpy obstacles along the way, you have normal porosity hair. If, however, you experienced a bumpy ride, you have high porosity hair,

#2 | The Shedding Test:

Before you attempt this, your hair needs to be free of any products. It's ideal that you do this on washed hair, otherwise, you won't get trustworthy results. Fill an empty glass or bowl with room temperature water. Drop hair that has been shed as a result of combing into the water and monitor the results. If it immediately sinks to the bottom of the glass, you have high porosity hair. If it floats, you low porosity hair. If it takes a long time for it to sink, you have normal porosity hair.

#3 | The H2O Test:

Take a small section of your hair and spritz it with water. If the water almost immediately absorbs the water, that indicated that you have high porosity hair. If the water sits on top of your hair, that indicates you have low porosity hair.

The characteristics of your hair also help to determine your hair's porosity.

Characteristics of Low Porosity Hair:
• Your hair takes a long time to dry up after washing it.
• Your hair usually turns white when a product is applied to hair which indicates the hair isn't absorbing the product.
• Most natural oils sit on your hair rather than absorb.

Characteristics of Normal Porosity Hair:
• Curls are bouncy and elasticity.
• Doesn't require as much maintenance.
• Easily absorbs moisture perfectly into cuticles.

Characteristics of High Porosity Hair:
• Curls appear dry and are dry.
• Absorbs water fast but requires a lot of products.

If you have high porosity hair, your hair is usually damaged by harsh chemicals such as relaxers. If you have low and normal porosity hair, your hair is usually healthy.

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