This is Me

hey guys! I decided to participate in the #thisismechallenge. I don’t know who came up with it but props to them! It’s a great way to give your followers a chance to get to know you. I hope you guys get a better picture of me through this article


beautiful, outfit, and casual image accessories, goals, and pretty image jeans, fashion, and girl image dress, style, and fashion image
Keep it tucked and simple


purpur, rosegold, and pastel' image bouquet, flowers, and pink image aesthetic, hipster, and indie image pink, bed, and pastel image
Pastel pink is literally my aesthetic


boys, empowerment, and girls image quotes, people, and pink image Abusive image yellow, flowers, and smile image
My core values


pen image girl, book, and black image Image removed Image removed books, teen sex, and private place image book, coffee, and autumn image
I am a woman of varied interest


pug and dog image Image removed adorable, bunny, and cute image animals, friends, and farm image
I need to hurry up and get a hamster


chick fil a image cheese, delicious, and food image
Just take a moment and breathe in the greatness of that mac m cheese


Image removed the office, funny, and quotes image criminal minds, jj, and matthew gray gubler image
The office is my lifeee

Book Genre

horse and cowboy image dress and romance image suspense, used books, and books image
I could not even attempt to only choose a few books so I chose my favorite book genre


Avengers, tony stark, and ironman image Abusive image interstellar image
I am a movie buff, so it was hard to only choose a few.


author, quote, and secret image quotes, freedom, and book image oscar wilde image
I cannot get enough of Oscar Wilde

My Loves

funny, will smith, and boy image robert downey jr. image kiss, boy, and smile image
Literally the loves of my life.


astrology, cancer, and zodiac image stars, drawing, and pastel image cancer, symbol, and tattoo image cancer, zodiac, and zodiac signs image
I love being a Cancerian.

My Passion

baby, kids, and family image design, desk, and deskspace image black and white image
I cannot wait to have kids, be working in an office and writing for famous magazines.

i hope you enjoyed my article. This is a fun challenege! I hope to see more creativity from my fellow hearters