Do you need to lead a more peaceful life?
I propose you small changes to forget about stress. 🌸

1. Start the day well:

*Are you overwhelmed in the morning?

Put on your alarm a quarter of an hour before so you do not run from the first hour. 🌄

  • Drink black tea🍵

It will help you to relax and concetrate you.

*Make yourself beautiful

you will feel more secure

2. Work calmly


Make a list of priorities and leave the rest for another time. Set aside time for each task.

  • Learn to say "no"

3. Relaxing meals
*A handful of peanuts 🥜

brings a good dose of vitamin B3, which brings serenity.

*Eat bread, rice, pasta... 🍞🍚🍝

Your brain will release serotonin, the "hormone of happiness"

*For dessert, orange! 🍊

The smell relaxes and reduces stress.

This is my first article! Hope that you like it or help you!! 🖤🦋