1. The scream I let out in surprise when my father throws a vase at me. He says he is sorry. I believe him.

2. The screams escaping from my parent's bedroom that my step-father will make sure my mother pays for, unaware that my brother wakes in his sleep, clenching his jaw

3. The scream my mother lets out the next morning when she sees my brother's blackened eye and bloody nose. He won't tell her how he got it, but my step-father's knuckles are bruised. She doesn't say anything.

4. The scream my best friend gives out in school when she tells me how the boy next door kissed her underneath the stars.

5. The scream my little sister shouts on finding a harmless spider in the bucket of our bathroom.

6. The screams escaping from my parent's bedroom. This time, my brother curses our mother for not fighting back, unaware that she is already with the police.

7. The scream I try to muffle as my step-father crushes my skull into the wall of the bedroom, overpowering my small body

8. The scream my little sister gives out on seeing my naked body lying on the bedroom floor, wondering why I wouldn't wake up