byousoku 5 centimeter (5 centimeter per second)

Inspiring Image on We Heart It anime, movie, and Otaku image
amazing, jaw dropping artwork. about two childhood friends who were torn apart when one of them moved away. as they grew older, they kept contact for a while but eventually stopped writing each other. yet, they keep remembering one another and wondering if they will have the chance to meet once again.

hotarubi no mori e (to the forest of firefly lights)

anime, gif, and manga image hotarubi no mori e, anime, and gin image
a girl encounters a masked forest spirit when she loses her way in the ancient forest. both of them become close friends as she visits him every summer. i love this anime so much, from the artwork to the soundtrack. everything about this anime is adorable and make your heart flutters.


anime, hiyori, and yato image yukine, yato, and noragami image
i would recommend this if you love action/comedy. a minor god seeking to gain widespread worship teams up with a human girl he saved to gain fame and recognition. i'm still waiting patiently for a third season...

death note

L, death note, and anime image anime and death note image
this got me sitting on the edge of my chair every episode. a high school student finds a 'death note', which allows him to kill any person whose name is written in the book.

ansatsu kyoshitsu (assassination classroom)

karma, assassination classroom, and koro sensei image assassination classroom and koro sensei image
a class of middle school students have to assassinate the creature responsible for chopping down the moon. this creature is also their teacher, and the best teacher they have ever had. i had lots of laughs watching this anime, i think everyone should watch this humorous show.

kimi no na wa (your name)

anime, your name, and kimi no na wa image anime, your name, and kimi no na wa image
I can't express how much i love this movie! i watched this without knowing what it's about and i think it's better to just watch this without reading the plot. 10/10 love the artwork in this movie, i cried so much as well :')

koe no katachi (a silent voice)

aesthetic, alternative, and anime image anime and koe no katachi image
a boy bullied a deaf girl when they were in primary school. this is the story of his path to redemption. i couldn't feel anything for days after watching this movie. it really makes you think a lot about life... or is that just me?

tonari no totoro (my neighbour totoro)

totoro, anime, and studio ghibli image totoro, anime, and gif image
i used to watch this everyday when i was a kid, and even wished for my own totoro... two sisters have adventures with a forest spirit named totoro.

naruto / shippuden

naruto, ramen, and naruto uzumaki image naruto, sasuke, and sakura image
naruto was probably the first anime i watched. i loooooooove this series so much and it takes dedication to watch the entire thing (naruto and naruto shippuden), but trust me you won't regret it!

there are still lots of anime which I personally really love, but the list would be too long! so i'm just gonna end this here :)