Hey, as you know, I'm Bella. I wanted to story about this short story about my crush.

Well, actually we in the same school and same batch. But we was in different class since 13 years old. Basically, I never knew about his existence. Let's make it short, on 23 January 2018, a month ago, I fell in love with him at the first sight. That day is the day that all prefects have a meeting. He was school prefect and I'm enviroment prefect. Well, obviously we be a prefect just gonna have an extra marks.

Then, I'm a president of Enviroment prefect so do him. So thats mean we both are leader or a president. Then, I was standing waiting for my teacher and suddenly he came closer to me and asked,

"Who is Enviroment prefect's president?"

And you know what, that time I was so shocked as hell. His eyes really caught mine, I lost in his eyes that time because he that kind of boy who talk with people looked in their eyes.

That was the first time I talked to him and know his existence.

I was stutter and answered "Er..me.:

He smile and said "Come, follow me to meeting room."

I was confused. But I was so shy, I said "No, I dont want to walk there, I'm going here." I said because the route that he want to walk is full of boys. He said "No, just walk besides me."

What do you expect my feeling that time?

I want to shout and tell everyone that this boy is a cutie and I fell in love with him! So, we walked together to meeting room.

And, lets continue at another articles with another date and story.