Hello Hearters, so in my first article (mainly my account will be articles lol) I will be telling you guys about myself, and mainly why I joined we heart it in the first place (YO I WAS HERE BEFORE ARTICLES LMAO,) and a few other things. So, let's begin.
HI, I'm Bella, nice to meet you. I normally don't like sharing my age on the internet because I get it asked so much and it annoys me, so I blanky say, "newborn lol." Of course, people don't really care and move on, and I hope you move on as well, thank you. I think of myself as LOWKEY a nerd. My interests include journaling, (I'll be explaining how I got into journaling later be patient,) harry potter, and I have an obsession with Grand Theft Auto 5, don't ask, long story. Oh yeah, and Golden Retrievers. Yes, I have a deep love for Golden Retrievers. There's not really much to me, I'm kind of boring honestly. I try to have fun and be a fun person, but it just never works out. I would label myself as more of an awkward fellow. I have a hard time trying to start conversations, and I'm kind of like Jughead Jones, weird, a weirdo. Yes, at school, I would be considered "popular" but being labeled as popular just makes me think of the stereotypical popular girl. They're mean, basically a plastic from mean girls, honestly such a good movie, 83789789/10. SUPER ICONIC!!! Anyways, back to myself.
Ever since second grade, I knew I was good at writing and Jughead Jones made me love writing more. Thanks, Juggie! inserts awkward smile lol. But journaling has made me figure out myself more. It has made me realize that I'd rather write articles than model, or act, which is something that I cannot do whatsoever. Yes, I once had a dream where I wanted to act so I could meet my favorite stars, but I would be a total mess up in the process. I hate people just staring at me because I just don't know what to do, honestly. Now before we move on to my life on WHI, let me just tell you about the not-so-happy part of Bella's life. My life has been hard ever since 2nd grade. I don't really like talking about it because to people, I don't know the whole story in order to talk about it, but I could tell it from what I know, I just choose not to. That's was just a little heads up, so don't really ever slide in my DMs trying to talk about my not-so-happy part of life, please and thank you.

Now, I joined WHI, well because I was a picture editor. If you have ever seen these edits, the community of these editors is really great. If you haven't seen one of these edits, search up @ moonfawks on Instagram, her edits are AMAZING. I also am starting up a scene edit account for my idol Shane Dawson, I love him, as vscodawson, I would love if you would follow it. Edits soon!
Back to my past editing fangirl life. I was just so into it, my grades actually flew to the ground because all I did was focus on me getting better at making my edits. And I used we heart it to find color-themed pictures for my edits. And to find cute pictures of the Dolan Twins. #EthansLane. NOT THE POINT WHY DO I KEEP GETTING SIDETRACKED LMAO. But a month or so ago when I was finding my daily Dolan, I came across that you could write articles, but I didn't think much of it until a week or so ago. I just went along. But a fun story, my grades were better than ever when my edits were rocking it. I was focused, I did my edits, and I was fine. But then, I just sidetracked from editing. I grew away from it. The bigger edits I did, the more it would cause me to stress out. I kept trying to get back into it, well because I knew it was what I loved, but it just wouldn't click anymore, not like it did.
One last fact about myself. Okay, that's cool. Um, where do I live? No, I don't live in America, but yes, I am American. I live in Vietnam, thanks for asking. It's a long story of how I moved here. My dad wanted to move here just to get a better view of the world, and not stay in one place and be miserable. And I didn't want to move here, but I had to, court crap, don't ask, it was a long hustle. I'm like almost a week in right now, but I'm not really liking it. In America, where I used to live, it was in the 30s and 40s, and here it is 70-80 degrees. I'm not liking the hot weather right now. I like my hoodies and pants, but it's too hot for them. And according to the people here, it's not even the hot season yet. NOT HOT. WHAT DO U MEAN. IT IS BURNING UP HERE IM DYINGGGG IN THIS HEAT. Poor Bella in a new country.
Well, I think that's going to wrap it up. I hope you enjoyed learning about my wild of a life, and how awkward I am. If you have any questions, or just want to talk, I'm here just message me. If I don't answer I'm probably on Pinterest, taking what kind of donut I am quizzes on Buzzfeed, or sleeping.
Yours Truly,
Bella, your local Jughead Jones stan.