You know my name, not my story. - Anonymous

Well in this case,
Because today, i'll be writing about the challenge everybody's been talking about...

It's the colors in me name!

So basically, I was informed that I will have to extract up every alphabet of my name and try to summarize them by using the name of colors.
I was fine with that and I'm pretty much down for anything...

The only problem is that my name is, well, it's literally hella long! Since my name was influenced with the Arabic plus minus Malay heritage, I have to really struggle with writing about it, I even have to struggle pronouncing it sometimes!

I really hope you don't mind if I have to repeat some of the colors cuz, yeah, you'll know just how many duplicates I have in my name...

My name is Puteri Nur Aiesyah Bt. Megat Muhamad Yusof
This is the colors of my name...

DISCLAIMER: Since the Malay-Arab name tradition consists of my name and separated by the 'Bt.', followed by my father's name, I'll just proceed to my 'own' name, a very much preferable nickname ...


A is for

pale, eyes, and aesthetic image peach, aesthetic, and makeup image
Apricot! Yas it's a color.. The color of daintiness and feminine.

E is for

Image removed accessories, elegant, and gold image
Emerald! The color of mystical and fairytale.

C is for

aesthetic, kpop, and pink image black, grunge, and aesthetic image
Cherry Bomb! The color that indicates an intense and rebellious character.

H is for

afiche, amour, and art image crazy, joker, and arlequina image
Harlequin! Surprisingly, there is one heck of color! The color of a highly creative imagination and fearlessness. A round of applause to my Quinn!

And another A

color, purple, and violet image beauty, food, and gold image for Aubergine! The color of a vivid imagination and strong personality.

Thank God I dun have to write the whole lot!
I never thought that my name could but this complicated lol! Let alone my self!

But it's good to see just how many colors shine through me.

Guess i'll take it from here! Bye for now.

Ae Cha