At the end of the day the lights are all out. At least the ones in your head. Out in society if the street lights never existed and only darkness remained we would truly see how dark we are. God gave us a sharp mind for creativity, to solve problems, to cause problems, and to be human. But in the end we are all some what aware of the darkness that floats in our minds or in each others minds.

Don't take me seriously, don't use this in your report. This is not the real origin story for the word eyeball. Google "eyeball etymology" if you want the real answer. Mean while for a good laugh or to get those creative brain juices flowing I have created my own origin story for this word. It's such a weird word, eyeballs, who is the hell decided on this. Don't tell me, I don't want to know the truth. The truth is generally much more boring than a strange scenario I can come up with. Just like this one.

The word eyeballs. It’s so odd and peculiar. I’m sitting here trying to imagine the first time someone called them eyeballs.
Whoever decided to call them eyeballs must’ve had a thought something like “these seeing machines lay within a socket but aren’t fused to the bone itself. They’re…they’re… spheres. Eye spheres? No-no-no that sounds odd,” insert young kid running into the road to catch his ball only for him to be smashed into a pancake by a horse and buggy “eyeballs. I shall deem them as eye balls. Rest In Peace Timothy”.

End of story