I love tumblr, I recently started a new blog there. I always seem to have these dark thoughts that run through my head at the most random of times. I get asked all the time if I'm stoned and no, I am not stoned. I've never smoked weed or any other drug so all of this just comes naturally to me. The world would explode if I actually got stoned, by that I mean my mind would find a way to bypass the laws of physics or something.

So I started a new blog, Dark words for Dark Times. The following post is the first I've posted on said blog. Not all of my future posts will be dark or gory but I decided to embrace my inner Stephen King. I watched an interview with him once and he said something about how simple it is for him to turn anything into something scary. He is completely right, I can do the same thing. So here we go:

I take a music appreciation class and sometimes we have listening tests. We are given a list of songs we have to listen to by the next class date and by then we have to give the title, composer, and genre of the song. Also, other. We have to give an "other" about the song describing our take on it. So as I google the first song I instantly come up with this little scenario in my head. I later discovered the song I googled wasn't the same one we had for the test but none the less this was created.

Here is the link for the song:

Sherburne by Daniel Read
Go listen to it like right now.

It’s gospel in the style of a folk hymn and you know what I think of this song? You know what I think?
I think it sounds like a damn Christmas carol (actually I believe it is). To be honest I would put this song in a scene of a mass or brutal and bloody murder for a movie, simply for the irony of a gospel song backing up a bloody scene. Imagine this: Jeffery Dahmer viciously attacking the corpse of a young 19 year old boy with an ax or hack saw while this is playing in the background.

Even better.
Imagine Hannibal Lector casually frying up some brain pate and pouring himself a glass of wine while this song of god is playing in the background. He casually ties his white bib around his neck and sits down at a long dinner table. One end has him eating the brains of his guest who is actually sitting on the other end with his skull cracked open. On a bloody napkin is an ice cream scooper he used to collect the pasty meat but no other blood is splattered on the tablecloth which is surprising given his head is cracked open. Hannibal the Cannibal has the decency not to make a large mess. Like a good cook, he likes to clean up as he goes along with preparing the meal.

Your probably puking now because of me but that’s the point of this in the first place. Seriously go listen to this song and try to put it in a scenario like this it’s making me laugh. Long live our savior Jesus Christ ✌️