Hey everyone! Today I decided to write an article about some food that makes me really happy! But sadly, it's limited, because if I were to write ALL the food that makes me happy, this article would be hundreds and hundreds of pages long. Hope you enjoy! proceed with caution this article may leave a thirst for hunger

pizza, food, and yummy image food, pizza, and delicious image
🍕Pizza (obvious one)
food, burger, and fries image food, hamburger, and beautiful image
🍔Burger and fries
chocolate, sweet, and tumblr image sweets, donuts, and happiness image
beauty, casual, and girl image fruit, red, and watermelon image
food, Chicken, and onion rings image Chicken, food, and fries image
😘Onion rings
food, chocolate, and waffles image aesthetic, coffee, and comfy image
💖 Waffles
avocado, food, and green image avocado, toast, and eggs image
🥑Avocado on toast
food, lasagna, and cheese image lasagna image
food and bread image food, bread, and yummy image
😎Garlic Bread
fit, friend, and fruit image acai, bali, and bowl image
🍚Acai Bowls
food, ice cream, and minimal image chocolate, ice cream, and pink image
🍦Ice Cream
berries, food, and fresh image Image by smirnovavaleria120
fruit, mango, and food image berries, fit, and fitness image
💪🏽Mangos and every kind of berry (black berry, blue berry, strawberry etc)
fruit, food, and healthy image food, fruit, and ananas image

ANDD....there are millions of other food that make me happy but this was limited so here you have it. Baiii xx