Hey whats up everyone? I hope that you are having a good day so really my day has been just full of weirdness so I actually had a good day with my family and for once we had a meal where I wasn't yelled at and nothing went wrong. Today I just woke up happy and not one ounce of sadness (which is kinda odd for me) but anyway yea I was happy which is extremely odd maybe because I got decent sleep last night for some reason I have no clue. School was kinda ehh but what kid really wants to go to school. Didn't really do anything though even in my art class normally I try to draw but today didn't even do that. Honestly I think my life is starting to get better until I sold my first car today (99 jeep grand Cherokee) and I was really sad about that because it had alot of my favorite memories. That was really my first taste of freedom going wherever I wanted to, being able to take care of something, and better yet my first time ever actually being happy alone while I was driving and listening to music alone. Every guy will always remember his first car and I will certainly remember mine. I miss it already.