hey guys! <3 today im doing this tag because i adore harry potter since im like 4 years old so the books and movies are a really big part of my life and this is an article worth doing, enjoy!

hogwarts house

aesthetic, blue, and header image
harry potter, hogwarts, and ravenclaw image blue, glasses, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It book, blue, and owl image

ivermony house

ballroom, red, and sand image book, red, and gryffindor image
Pukwudgie, represents the heart and favours healers.


puppy, animal, and dog image basset hound, button, and pink image
basset hound dog


harry potter and wand image harry potter, hogwarts, and ravenclaw image
vine wood, 12 ¼" in length, phoenix feather core, slightly yielding flexibility

spell i would use

harry potter, wand, and magic image key, harry potter, and wings image
accio (so i can find all the stuff i loose) and apparate (the teleportation spell)

favourite place in hogwarts

harry potter, ravenclaw, and hogwarts image book and library image
ravenclaw's common room

favourite shop in diagon alley

harry potter, wand, and hogwarts image harry potter, hogwarts, and ollivanders image


cat, book, and animal image adorable, aesthetic, and alternative image
white cat

favorite subject

Image removed vintage, indie, and alternative image

favorite professor

awesome, harry potter, and beautiful image harry potter and professor mcgonagall image
professor Minerva Mcgnagall

quidditch position

ravenclaw, harry potter, and hogwarts image harry potter, hogwarts, and broom image
i'll just cheer, thanks, GO RAVENCLAW

wand, stone or cloak

green, skull, and harry potter image harry potter, deathly hallows, and hermione granger image
the stone, to see my loved ones again for some time

male and female characters you hate

dark, death, and hands image snake, black, and animal image
lord voldemort
Temporarily removed cat, cute, and animal image
dolores umbridge

favorite male and female characters

slytherin, harry potter, and draco malfoy image draco malfoy and harry potter image
draco malfoy (i know he's mean but he's my lost baby boy, don't judge him)
book, library, and vintage image hair, girl, and blue image
hermione granger (queen)
banner, banners, and layouts image

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