Today's My Birthday!!!!

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I turned 18, y'all! The big one eight.

I'm finally a legal adult who is able to make her own choices

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(as long as her parents agree with her).

But besides that, I typically don't do anything special for my birthday. I'm starting to realize that just being able to celebrate my birthdays is special by itself.

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Besides, as long as my family is safe and healthy there noting i could really wish for.
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I'm probably just gonna eat my left over cookie from work and watch a couple of YouTube videos before i go to bed.

Anyways, because today is my birthday and I love zodiac signs, I figured I'd write an article inspired by birthdays and zodiac signs.

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So here it is...

The Zodiac Tag

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Here are 18 questions I made for this tag.

What's your birthday?

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March 1, 2000

What's your zodiac sign?

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Pisces, the best sign there is.

What is your signs element?

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Colors that represent your sign.

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Different shades of light blues and greens.

Explain your sign's symbol.

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Two fish, who are connected together but are going in opposite directions.

Something you love about your sign?

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Our creativity. How were able to empathize with so many people. Our love for romance and love.

Something you wish you could change about your sign?

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How sensitive we are.

Something that is true about your sign?

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Our amazing taste in music

Something that isn't true about your sign?

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Something that's not commonly known about your sign.

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Beside being really goofy at times, we can be extremely sensual and flirty when we want to be. Also we tend to be a little clingy when we really like someone (romantic or not).

Would you date someone with the same sign as you?

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You'll often hear my sign say...

"I was just thinking..."
"I understand..."
"Have you heard that song by..."
"I don't know, what do you want to do."

Cartoon that represents your sign.

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Ariel, from "The Little Mermaid".

Name some celebrities that share the same birthday as you.

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All these beautiful people are born on the same day as me.

Name a song that reminds you of your sign.

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Eternal Sunshine by Jhene Akio

What makes your sign stand out?

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Our kindness, creativity, and willingness to help others.

One word that represents your sign.

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Finally, quotes or pictures that represents your sign.

Image by уєѕѕєуღ blue, girl, and happy image dope, gif, and kehlani image kindness, beau taplin, and smile image quotes, love, and john green image gif and love image

Now I challenge everyone to do the zodiac tag. I wanna learn more about other zodiac signs other than my own.

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Just make sure to use the tag "Zodiac Tag" so that I can see them.

Until next time...

Love, Smilez

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